Math Center Summer Events

2017 Summer Event & Moive Series (sponsored by 365Learning)


Thurs, Jun 8th 4pm Desserts and Dimensions
Enjoy an ice cream social while learning about Mobius Strips, Hexaflexagons, and Kline Bottles!

Thurs, Jul 13th 4pm Cookies, Cubes, and Cupcakes
Learn the secrets to solving Rubik's Cubes (Cubes provided!) and have some cookies and cupcakes!

Thurs, Aug 3rd 4pm  Pendulums and Pizza
Make your own harmonograph to create beautiful geometric pictures!


Mon, Jun 12th 6pm Pizza and Movie:   Flatland

Mon, Jul 10th 6pm Subs and Movie:   Hidden Figures

Mon, Aug 7th 6pm Tacos and Movie: The Man Who Knew Infinity

All events are held in the Math Center and are FREE to UNR students.