Materials Characterization Services

Equipment at Materials Characterization Nevada

MCNV's facilities have unique capabilities for studying materials under extreme conditions. We know your work can face everything from high pressures and temperatures, corrosive environments, complicated strains, and the unique problems combinations of these factors present. Using our material testing facilities, we can replicate, accelerate, and study these processes in-situ to get you answers to your unique problems.

Material Testing

MCNV's material testing and characterization lab is staffed by dedicated scientists. Our background as experimental researchers allows us to select the best technique to answer your questions. Whether it is a single step analysis or combining multiple complementary techniques to identify elemental and chemical composition, mechanical properties, structure, location, and morphology, MCNV will get you the answers to your material testing questions.

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Corrosion Testing

MCNV has significant experience in studying and solving corrosion problems. Our facilities have unique capabilities able to replicate, accelerate, and characterize corrosion in situ under extreme conditions: low vacuum or high pressure, low or high temperature, complicated strains, and the unique problems presented by combinations of these factors. Whether the work is pre-emptive or analyzing an existing problem, MCNV has the expertise to keep your projects and people protected.

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EDX Analysis

Known as EDS, EDX, EDXS or XEDS, this powerful analysis tool is combined with electron microscopes (SEM & TEM) to identify the elemental composition, and location of those elements on your sample. Providing qualitative and semi-quantitative data, EDS is an excellent tool for material identification, failure analysis, coating identification and thickness, identifying contaminants, and many more industry needs.

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Electrochemistry plays a vital role in industry, from protecting pipelines and heavy equipment to precise chemical synthesis. Materials Characterization Nevada has significant experience in this powerful field, using the techniques for multiple materials synthesis, performance analysis, and process monitoring. The precision of electrochemical techniques allows MCNV to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Characterization Services

  • Surface morphology, texture, roughness
  • Surface chemistry
  • Material chemistry and composition
  • Structure analysis
  • Fluid analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Paint analysis
  • Surface morphology, texture, roughness
  • Surface chemistry

Laboratory Services

  • Corrosion testing
  • Materials synthesis
  • Coating development
  • Electrode development
  • Battery fabrication & testing
  • Electrodeposition

Equipment List

Surface Characterization

Surface characterization equipment

  • Digital optical microscope with universal LED illumination
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)
  • Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrometer for thin films
  • Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer
  • Raman microscope
  • Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR)
  • X-Ray diffraction system (XRD)
  • Simultaneous thermal analyzer (TGA-DSC)
  • Field emission scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer (SEM-EDS)
  • Transmission electron microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer (TEM-EDS)
  • Accelerated surface area (BET) and porosimetry (ASAP)
  • Laser profilometer

Mechanical Testing

Microhardness testing machine

  • Compression testing machine
  • Supercritical corrosion water loop
  • MTS load frame
  • United slow strain rate testing machine
  • Digital rockwell hardness tester
  • Wilson hardness micro-vickers hardness tester
  • Direct load creep and stress rupture testing system

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion testing equipment

  • Potentiostat (3)
  • Supercritical corrosion water loop
  • Electrochemical cell stand

Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis testing machine

  • High-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with UV-Vis detector
  • On-column derivitatization gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) system
  • Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES)

Materials Synthesis

Materials synthesis machine

  • Controlled environment glove boxes
  • Anaerobic chamber
  • Reactors for catalyst synthesis
  • Custom temperature programmable catalyst synthesis oven
  • Vacuum oven
  • Rotovap
  • Incubator shaker
  • Compact tape casting coater with heating cover
  • Compact arc melter
  • Split tube furnace
  • Compact vacuum mixer
  • Hot rolling machine
  • Bench-top planetary ball mill

Battery Testing Equipment

Students in a battery testing lab

  • Complete laboratory for coin cell fabrication, characterization, and testing
  • Flow battery testing system
  • 8 channel battery analyzer (3)