Materials Characterization Nevada

Collage of six images showing results of materials characterization scanning and testing

MCNV offers scientific services in the areas of materials synthesis, characterization, and performance testing in the form of research studies or measurements in the field of electrochemistry and surface analysis.

Examples of services available to industry include: corrosion studies, electrode synthesis, battery material analysis, electrochemical characterization, system cycling and stability, high temperature materials performance/failure, coatings R&D, catalyst synthesis, and sensor development.

Our experts

Working with MCNV means direct contact with the scientists and engineers working on your project and access to the greatest pool of materials experts in the state.

Dev Chidambaram

Dev Chidambaram
(775) 784-7066

Dr. Chidambarmam specializes in materials engineering, surface chemistry and electrochemistry.

Zach Karmiol

Zachary Karmiol
Research Scientist
(775) 842-0463

Zach Karmiol specializes in materials characterization, and materials testing.

Materials Characterization Nevada is staffed by faculty as well as dedicated scientists and technicians. Our unparalleled expertise in material science and engineering ensures your samples are handled professionally using standard or custom protocols for analysis. Combining multiple complementary techniques allows for elemental and chemical composition, structure, location, and morphology to be identified.

Whether it is comparing results over time, or a specific case study, our staff have the expertise in using our facilities to address complex problems.  MCNV's staff uses their background as experimental researchers to design the best approach studying and solving your problem.

Our experience

We have worked with local, national, and international companies to investigate a broad range of problems, including corrosion of structural materials, semiconductor failures, the efficacy of precision manufacturing, and the composition of products. Our investigation into the fouling and corrosion of a geothermal power plant led to a solution which has lead to nearly a million dollars of savings every two years.

  • A.U Mines, Inc.
  • Altair Nano
  • CalRamic Technologies, LLC
  • Capps Geoscience, LLC
  • Chemeon
  • Digital Solid State Propulsion
  • EP Minerals, LLC.
  • FARR WEST Engineering
  • Fortifiber Building Systems Group
  • GE Energy - Optimization and Control
  • Halogen Systems Inc.
  • Hamilton Company
  • Horiba Instruments Inc.
  • IDC, Innovative Drive Corporation
  • Kennametal
  • Micro-Tracers Inc.
  • Ormat Technologies Inc.
  • Nevada Nanotech Systems Inc.
  • RheoMinerals Inc.
  • Selco
  • Taiyo America
  • The Cable Connection