Occupational well-being

Support your occupational well-being

Practice time management for work/life balance.

Choose a major that will support the career you want.

Actively seek out volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities that support skill-building and increase experience in your desired field.

Seek advice from professional staff at the Nevada Career Studio.

Build connections with co-workers.


  • Am I confident about my career decisions and believe my current studies will be helpful to my future career?
  • Do I envision my future career as a means to contribute to society?
  • Do I feel that my career decision is an appropriate expression of my abilities and personal strengths?
  • Do I feel that I work in a positive, non-stressful environment?
  • Am I able to balance my current job with the rest of my life?
  • Do I look forward to going to work and find that it gives me personal satisfaction?