Financial well-being

Creating satisfaction with current and future financial affairs

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A strong financial foundation can be started at any age. Learning and practicing money management skills during young adulthood will support your health and needs over the course of your lifetime. If you are accepting loans to complete your degree, make sure you understand what the loan requirements are and begin planning now for how you will repay them.

While reviewing your finances and debt may cause discomfort now, ignoring your financial status is likely to cause more stress and worry for the future. Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but education and careful planning for how to manage debt and utilize it to achieve what you want is key.

Support your financial well-being

Determine what your goals are in life and the finances required to achieve them.

Explore what opportunities you currently have to ensure a financially stable present and future.

Practice and use basic money management skills such as budgeting and maintaining financial records.


  • Am I comfortable with the balance on my credit card(s)?
  • Do I think it is important to spend less than I earn?
  • Do I have enough money saved to handle financial emergencies?
  • Do I track my spending to stay within my budget?
  • Do I think about being financially independent sooner rather than later?
  • Am I comfortable with where my money comes from and where it is going?
  • Do I believe that I am not defined by the amount of money I have in my bank account?
  • Have I thought about my next major purchase and have a plan how to get it?