Emotional well-being

Support your emotional well-being

Practice acknowledging your thoughts and emotions as they occur to increase self-awareness and identify appropriate responses.

Explore and practice constructive coping skills such as being mindful, engaging in regular exercise and journaling.

Seek help from a mental health professional if your emotional well-being is impacting your daily functioning or when negative emotions persist.


  • Am I able to appropriately manage and express my feelings?
  • What relaxation techniques do I use to manage stress?
  • Am I willing to seek help from others when I am having a difficult time?
  • Do I avoid using alcohol and drugs as a means of addressing my problems?
  • Am I flexible and adapt/adjust to change in a positive way to situations in life?
  • Do I feel good about myself and believe others like me for who I am?
  • Do I speak to others in a non-confrontational and non-hurtful way?