Tobacco Free Tips

  • Make a list of the reasons you want to quit. Keep this list handy to remind you of all the important reasons you have to quit and lead a healthier life.
  • Tell friends, family and co-workers you are quitting and when. Ask them to support you and encourage you through the process.
  • Give up your least needed cigarette during the day.
  • Set a quit date.
  • Make a plan to do something different during the times you would normally smoke - change your routine.
  • Go for a walk or exercise - this is key to relieving stress.
  • Choose a quit method you think will work best for you - gum, patch, spray, class or book program.
  • Reward yourself - save the money from each cigarette or pack of cigarettes you would have smoked (about 40 cents or $6 per pack). Save it or spend it on a treat.
  • Take one day at a time and always keep trying.