Nonprescription Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Some individuals find Nicotine Replacement Therapy to be helpful when they first quit. NRT works best when paired with counseling or a cessation program such as Freedom From Smoking Online. It is not intended for use while continuing to use tobacco products. NRT delivers nicotine through a patch or gum to help manage cravings or withdraw symptoms. If you think NRT would be a helpful part of your plan to quit, you can receive a coupon for a free one-month supply of gum or patches. Contact Enid Jennings at the Student Health Center to access the coupons, 775-682-9224. This resource is available for University students, faculty and staff. This is a $40 value to you. Memberships will be available on a limited basis as funding allows.

Quit Kits

Quit kits are made to help you manage the urge to smoke or use tobacco. Instead of reaching for tobacco grab something from your quit kit: gum, a toothpick, mint, sunflower seeds or silly putty. In addition to those items, there are helpful tips for quitting and resources. Quit kits are available at the Student Health Center or at various events on campus. Contact Enid Jennings at the Student Health Center to get a quit kit, 775-682-9224.

Nevada Tobacco Quitline

The Nevada Tobacco Quitline is a free telephone and online coaching service for any Nevada resident who is ready to quit tobacco. Information, referrals and coaching are confidential, and sessions are designed on a schedule that is convenient for you.