Tobacco-Free University Enforcement

The success of this initiative requires courtesy, respect and cooperation from all members of the University of Nevada, Reno community.  Community involvement was crucial to our campus decision to move to a Tobacco Free University, and we request that same collaborative spirit as we move forward.  Successful implementation will be based in education and awareness.   Other universities have demonstrated success with this model of education and awareness.

Community Involvement

Extensive marketing has been done to prepare the campus community to be a Tobacco Free University and that education will continue.  There may still be individuals, especially visitors, who are not aware of this initiative.  Members of the University of Nevada, Reno community will share the responsibility of respectfully letting others know about the Tobacco Free University initiative. If you see someone smoking or using tobacco, we ask that you politely let them know that the University of Nevada, Reno is now tobacco-free!  Below are some resources that may help.

Printable Message Cards

If you need information on quitting or if you would like to inform someone about the initiative and resources - print these cards!  The cards provide a non confrontational way for you to approach individuals on campus or share with friends and colleagues.  The cards allow you to spread the word about the Tobacco Free University initiative and provide information on tobacco cessation resources available to faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Download Printable Message Cards

Request for Signage

If you observe an area where you see tobacco use frequently, additional signage can be placed in that area temporarily.  Contact to request additional signage or window decals.

Thank You for Keeping the Pack Tobacco Free!