Tobacco-Free University

Students on Quad

Starting in August 2015, the University of Nevada, Reno has joined nearly 1,200 other U.S. colleges and universities in becoming a tobacco-free university. A commitment to improve the health of students, faculty and staff and our community is the impetus behind the initiative to create a tobacco-free environment.

"It is imperative our University environment reflect the health-based principles of a modern land-grant institution that is home to the state's medical school as well as a nationally recognized research portfolio that includes efforts in medical, behavioral and social research aimed at improving the lives and health of individuals throughout our community, our state and the world."

University President Marc Johnson

Throughout the past several years, the University has made important progress in linking the "mind, body and spirit" of our students by developing programming and physical infrastructure that emphasizes health and well-being. The health risks associated with tobacco use and second-hand smoke are well known. Our adoption of a tobacco-free university policy is a significant way to improve health and demonstrate values that are in line with the research and academic mission of this University.
We applaud the more than 85 percent of students who are already smoke- and tobacco-free, and we pledge to offer support to those students, faculty and staff who want to become tobacco free.

Frequently Asked Questions
A large-scale initiative like this does not come without many questions.

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