Student Health Center

Students in Canada Hall Lounge

The Student Health Center provides medical treatment for acute and chronic illness or injury to students and health care maintenance. The mission of the Student Health Center is to provide high quality medical care to the student community, promote healthy living, stimulate better health awareness and educate students and staff in therapeutic and preventive care. As part of an institution of higher learning, the Student Health Center participates in the educational process by increasing knowledge and supporting positive health behaviors to promote health and prevent disease.

N-ergy Tool Kit is a free wellness program for University students. Students will receive information on nutrition and physical activity through a weekly session, tracking, and lots of fun activities! This is a program for all levels of fitness. Enrollees can do things at their own N-ergy level. The program is delivered through 4 weekly module sessions which consists of: a brief intervention, goal setting, weekly curricula packet, a tracking card, optional weigh in and health data collection and an incentive relevant to the week's topic. The topics for the 4 weeks include; Physical Activity (tracking using a pedometer), Fruits and Vegetables (tracking fruit and vegetable consumption), Beverages (tracking water intake), and Eating Out (tracking meals out and meal planning). Throughout the month opportunities to engage in the learned behaviors are provided, for example: organized hikes, walks and exercise groups, talks from registered dieticians, and group counseling sessions on emotional eating. The modules and activities are designed with the unique environment of University students in mind. For example, modules reference specific food choices and restaurants available to students on campus and activities, hikes, and walking routes are all mapped on or near by campus. Extensive evaluation has been done on the program and success is apparent with nearly 85% of the pilot program participants reporting increased physical activity and nearly 75% reporting improved nutrition.

Registered Dietitians can provide nutritional therapy for nutrition related conditions or disease. Diseases and conditions may include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or eating disorders, among others. Call to schedule an appointment, (775) 784-6598 If you have paid your student health fee, your visit to see a registered dietitian is free.