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Engaging the Power of Diversity: A Liberal Arts Speaker Series started from a generous contribution to promote and encourage diversity dialogues across campus and in the surrounding community. The series of speakers will present on a variety of topics ranging from race, gender, identity, religion, age, veterans, disability and social justice. The selected guest speakers will inspire conversation around sometimes difficult subjects to motivate encounters with different viewpoints and challenges to personal paradigms. The topics and speakers presented do not necessarily represent the views of the College of Liberal Arts, but are meant to provide a more holistic view of society.

Future Speakers

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Future speakers and panelists addressing cultural factors that include religious tolerance, international issues and social justice will be determined. Please stay tuned for more information or sign up below to receive announcements.

Who are future speakers?

Past Speakers

Gabby Rivera

Gabby Rivera was the first speaker in our series. Rivera is the author of Juliet Takes a Breath and a comic book writer for Marvel.

Who is Gabby Rivera?

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