Project 2020

University community expression initiative

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2020 is a uniquely singular time in American history. As the nation struggles to face its own collective racial reckoning all while suffering through a historic pandemic and a devastating economic downturn, many of us have something to say. As national and local politics become as tumultuous as any point in time, now is not the time for silence. Whether it’s pain and confusion or hope and inspiration, our voices need to be heard. 2020 will forever change the path of America, the University, our communities and each of our own lives as well. We invite the University of Nevada, Reno community to submit a short video reflecting on the events of 2020 and its impact. What do you have to say? Videos can focus on a single topic or a combination of issues. Topics to consider include: Black Lives Matter, protests against police brutality, the coronavirus pandemic, current economic crisis, political unrest, etc.

What do you have to say? Your voice matters!

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People stand outside on the streets with fists in the air and protesting

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“The purpose of education is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions.” - James Baldwin