Gender, Race and Identity, Graduate Certificate

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GRI Advisor

Dr. Greta de Jong
Associate Professor, Department of History Chair, GRI Graduate Committee
Phone: (775) 784-6455

The graduate certificate in Gender, Race and Identity provides a curriculum that complements existing graduate programs both at the M.A. and the Ph.D. levels. A Graduate Certificate Program in Gender, Race and Identity will be of benefit to students who are pursuing a graduate degree in other areas, including business, history, social work, social psychology, psychology, and sociology.

Drawing upon the scholarly literature in the areas of critical theory, feminist methodology, and particular disciplines, including race and ethnic studies, women and gender studies, sexuality studies, and religious studies, the certificate provides an academic course of study in the intersections of identities that shape our lives and experiences. The certificate provides a core experience shared by all students as well as a range of courses that can form a more in-depth understanding of a particular area of the student's choosing. The curriculum is designed to allow for maximum flexibility for students, but to provide breadth and depth signifying an understanding of important intersections of race, class and gender.

The GRI Certificate helps students:

  • Understand how identities are constructed and how they intersect
  • Learn about the methodologies in scholarship and learning in diverse cultures
  • Examine ideas about gender and race and how they intersect
  • Study the roles identity plays in diverse cultural settings and how these roles change over time
  • Look at the historical significance of identity through politics, public policy, and decision-making
  • Explore the effects gender, race, and identity have on historical developments and their consequences


All students are required to take a nine credit core of courses after which they may select an emphasis reflective of their interests. The Core Courses, all 700-level, will be taken during the first full year. With the approval of the committee the student will develop a 21 credit emphasis, in which 6 of the credits will be thesis credits. A total of 21 credits (including thesis credits) must be at the 700 level. Students will work closely with an advisor and a faculty committee selected from among faculty participating in this interdisciplinary program to fully develop their program of study. Candidates for the Master of Arts in Gender, Race and Identity must also satisfy the general requirements of the Graduate School.

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