College Advisory Board

CLA Advisory Board Members

The mission of the College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board is to aid the College of Liberal Arts by using the experience and expertise of the board members in assisting in the definition and realization of the goals of the college and in serving as consultants and resources on strategies and programs to advance the college.

College of Liberal Arts Advisory Board Members

  • Clemencia Glenn: Chair
  • Steven Brown
  • Doug Damon
  • Nancy Fennell
  • Carlee Ferrari
  • Christopher Galli
  • Teresa Garcia-Cahlan
  • Ethan Goldman
  • Barbara Hall
  • Jim Kidder
  • Polly List
  • Dan Lofrese
  • Dick McConnell
  • Ann Marie Melcher
  • Jim Nichols
  • Todd Plimpton
  • Kay Slocum
  • Cathy Trachok
  • Bob Whitefield
  • Ellen Whittemore

More information is available on the Advisory Board Charter.