Mission Statement

Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio with student

The College of Liberal Arts is central to the intellectual and artistic life of the University of Nevada, Reno.

We contribute to the university's efforts to provide undergraduate students with general and specialized education that will prepare them for advanced study, careers and citizenship in a diverse world. The college offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees and supports major scholarly research and creative activity in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts and natural sciences. The quality and effectiveness of the college's departments and programs, some of which form the School of the Arts, are crucial to the success of the university.


The college provides students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and creative experience they need to navigate in a complex global environment. College faculty members teach courses in their own fields of expertise, play an active role in the Core Curriculum, and create new courses in response to developments across the disciplines and changes in society. We offer undergraduate students rigorous, innovative programs of study in their chosen majors and minors. Our faculty teaches graduate students to do original scholarly research or creative work. We mentor both undergraduate and graduate students as they launch successful professional careers. Our faculty brings innovative developments in the arts to campus and the latest scholarship into the classroom.


The college supports discovery, creativity and the advancement of knowledge. Our faculty is composed of active, engaged scholars and artists who present their research and creative work in major venues, from respected journals to prominent exhibition and performance spaces. Many publish with leading scholarly presses; many compete nationally for grant funding to support specialized research programs. Our faculty promotes creative and research opportunities for students, working with them closely on senior projects, recitals, theses and dissertations. The college supports the scholarly and creative work of its faculty and students. We value rigor and vitality in both the disciplines and interdisciplinary scholarship, recognizing that truly innovative work often changes how we view our own and other fields of knowledge.


The college serves both the university and the community. College faculty members devote considerable time to service at the university, from advising students to administering programs and contributing to faculty governance. They play a significant role in their disciplines, providing external reviews of new scholarly and creative work and serving on editorial boards and in national organizations. Many serve as well in the community or involve students in community service. Our students have become leaders in economic, cultural and political life. Both faculty and students donate their time and professional expertise to the region, state, nation and world.