Events Resources

You’re hosting an event in the College of Liberal Arts or the School of the Arts. Don’t panic – we’re here to help. Whether on your own or with our guidance, we’ve put together everything you need to help you prepare for your upcoming event.

Event process

  1. Request marketing assistance from the marketing team
  2. Request access to shared CLA calendar (email Olivia Tull for link)
  3. Set up the platform or secure the venue (see below)
  4. Schedule it on the University Events Calendar
  5. Send out the invitations and post flyers around campus
  6. Go live!
  7. Post-event logistics (note: all videos must be captioned before posting online)

Suggested timeline

  • 2 months + out: Seek help from the marketing team
  • 8 weeks out: Preparations
  • 7 weeks out: Schedule it on the calendar
  • 4-6 weeks out: Send out invitations
  • 1 week out: Practice and do dry-run
  • Day of: Go live!
  • Post-event: Caption recordings, send follow-ups

Event registration

We strongly recommend advance registration for all events (whether or not they are ticketed). This allows event organizers to capture contact information for viewers, increasing our ability to engage with our audience and protect any copyrighted material. There are currently three options for advance registration. Speak with your event coordinator about how to set up these options.

Platform/venue guide

The task of choosing an event platform or venue can be daunting. We’ve put together a list of common on-campus venues and platforms with scheduling contacts – all in one, easy-to-access place.

Public speaking tips

We’ve put together suggested speaking tips when hosting your event. We’ve also provided language that you MUST include when speaking to a public audience.


Captioning is required for all University events. We recommend closed captions for virtual events and there are a number of options for captioning your virtual production. Please be aware that captioning may add an additional expense to your production.


If you’re putting together an event on your own, we’ve got you covered. Download a slide deck of approved branded templates with beginning and end-cards for virtual events, as well as intermission and sponsor slides. The templates are editable to swap out photos and approved logos of your choosing.

Download virtual event templates
People walk in front of Knowledge Center and student union during summer day


The School of the Arts enforces a policy that requires prior approval for all marketing and communications projects. You must submit a project request within a reasonable time-frame so that it may be developed and/or reviewed for brand compliance. Projects distributed without prior approval are subject to review, and those found to be out of compliance with School of the Arts brand standards may need to be replaced at the department’s or program’s expense. Projects found to be out of compliance will not be promoted by the School of the Arts or College of Liberal Arts.

The best way to ensure your materials follow School of the Arts brand standards is to request marketing/communications/promotional assistance. Please follow the steps above to request assistance to promote your event/program and ensure materials follow brand standards.

Event questions

Please contact CLA's marketing team for event questions.