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The Latino Research Center at the University of Nevada, Reno serves as a nexus between the Latino community and the university. Its mission is to foster research, student achievement, faculty collaboration, advocacy, and outreach in a manner that best meets the educational needs and goals of the State of Nevada and best honors the intellectual and cultural capital of the Latino presence in our state.


Do You Hear My Accent When I Write?:
The Voice Of A Latina Im

Do You Hear My Accent

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Volunteer Form for Citizen Workshop
April 2014

The event is going to be held on Saturday, April 26 from 10am-2 pm at the offices of Mi Familia Vota, located in

1664 Hubbard Way, Suite B
Reno, NV 89502

We'd like for volunteers to arrive at least an hour early.

Volunteers will be put in different stations - the tasks will vary. Below is a list of possible tasks.

-Greet participants
-Answer general questions about the workshop should any questions arise (and they will)
-Assist participants in the pre-screening room
-Assist participants in filling out the N400 application
-Assist in conducting quality control
-Assist in the "copy machine" station where participants will receive copies of their application
-Hand out bags with information at the end of the workshop
-Help kids with arts & crafts in "Kids Area"
-Assist in registering volunteers