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Only one of them really is.

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About This Campaign

There is a growing problem of unlicensed healthcare in Nevada’s Latino community. Uncertified individuals in Nevada have been posing as qualified healthcare providers and have been illegally practicing medicine. In response to a rising public health concern, the UNR Latino Research Center, the Nevada Public Health Foundation, the Nevada State Health Division and the Nevada Attorney General’s Office are working together to build a statewide campaign that will raise awareness to educate the community and help stop people from falling prey to these fake physicians. 

In addition to the public awareness campaign, developed and organized by the UNR Latino Research Center, former Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa is assisting with the creation of a Task Force and creation of an Action Plan to increase enforcement and awareness against those who are doing illegal activities in the medical field. 

Links to Involved Parties

  • Latino Research Center

    The Latino Research Center at UNR serves as a nexus between the Latino community and the university. 

  • Nevada State Health Division

    The Nevada State Health Division protects, promotes, and improves the health of all people in Nevada.