Latino Research Center

Professor Emma Sepulveda Pulvirenti during a research trip

Linking the Latino community

The Latino Research Center at the University of Nevada, Reno serves as a nexus between the Latino community and the University. Its mission is to foster research, student achievement, faculty collaboration, advocacy and outreach in a manner that best meets the educational needs and goals of the State of Nevada and best honors the intellectual and cultural capital of the Latino presence in our state.

Special note to our DACA students

Jahahi Mazariego, the University's social services coordinator, has a number of duties in service to all of our students (and in helping their families). This includes directing DACA students and undocumented students to resources here on campus and in the community, and, as well, working with all students regardless of immigration status in the coordination of campus resources and basic needs such as food, affordable housing and financial aid.

She is bilingual and also can provide resources for translators if students or families need this service. Her office is on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union, room 303C. Her phone number is (775) 784-1547.

For DACA students, there are a number of key resources to be aware of in the coming days.
These include:

  • Know Your Rights: "Know Your Rights" cards are available for anyone and can be obtained by contacting Mazariego.

Nonprofit Immigration Assistance (Board of Immigration Appeals Accredited)

She also helps students become aware and to use numerous campus resources, including:

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