Mineral and Rock Activities

Educational & Fun Activities

The following activities can be done in the classroom or at home:

  • Coring the Earth - a project designed to understand the layers of the earth and their association with temperature, pressure, and density.
  • Township and Range an explanation of our public land survey system
  • Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate make your own limestone!
  • Make a hand-warmer
  • Edible Aquifer understand how pollution can get into groundwater and how pumping can cause a decline in the water table and increased subsidence (sinking) of the land using edible ingredients!
  • Sedimentary Successions in a Cup learn about sedimentation and the concept of superposition in a fun and delicious way!
  • Mining in a Nutshell This activity illustrates the steps that are taken to find, extract, process, and
    use mineral resources using peanuts.
  • Is it a Mineral? what exactly is a mineral? Find out here
  • Asphalt Cookies Everyone loves COOKIES! But when you make these delicious chocolate no-bake cookies you will also learn how asphalt is made and used in paving roads
  • Where are Nevada's Minerals? learn where some of the important mines and deposits in Nevada are located
  • Soil Liquefaction- This exercise models what happens in earthquakes when soil underlying building liquefies, and how it may affect people in our cities
  • Stake Your Claim! This activity will familiarize students with the requirements that a geologist or mining company
    must comply with in order to gain a land position for exploration and development of a mineral
  • Mineral Haiku use minerals to practice the use of creative language arts and drawing