Student Advisement

Need Advisement Help?

Advisement inquires can be made with the Justice Management Assistant Program Director.

Jane L. Robinson, Assistant Program Director
Justice Management Program/311 University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557
Phone:(775) 682-7975
Fax:(775) 784-6273
Office Hours: M-TH 11:00-4:00


Student Advisement

A valuable aspect of any graduate program is the sense of community created by the students themselves. Even though Justice Management students are spread across the country, there is a sense of community in the Justice Management program. The online Justice Management non-traditional course environment promotes a unique cohesiveness.

The Justice Management program lessens the effects of isolation by maintaining consistent support efforts. Academic advising including admission, course selection, academic progress/status, program updates and thesis, are done through a variety of online tools developed by Justice Management administrators. Student academic advisement takes place primarily in three ways:

  • Program Progress Forms
  • Administrative Program Tracking Report
  • Advised Courses

These three tools were developed and refined by the Justice Management program to better advise, track and manage student progress in the online course system. Students can also phone or e-mail questions and requests for information, and those requests are responded to as quickly as possible. All advising follows UNR regulations and requirements.

Program Progress Forms

Each Justice Management student has online access to an up to the minute report of their courses taken, 600/700 credits earned, program GPA, advised courses, and program completion deadlines. This form is downloadable to students in PDF format.

Administrative Program Tracking Report

This report supplies Justice Management administrators with up to the minute metrics on all program students. The report contains: Student name, cohort, semester entered program, total credits, undergraduate GPA, program GPA, target graduation semester, most recent semester course, Justice Management administrative notes on student, total pages the student has written in the program, total hours spent online, number of late assignments, and time since student's last online access. The report allows Justice Management administrators to concentrate advisement efforts on those students closest to program completion, as well as monitoring all students' progress toward required credits in specific course categories (i.e., Core, Additional Foundation, Essentials, Electives). Justice Management administrators are available for individual student advisement at all times.

Advised Courses

Each semester, Justice Management students see a listing of "future" advised courses on both their course homepage as well as their program progress form.