Application Information

Admission to the JM program requires admission to the University's Graduate School, which requires:

  • A completed baccalaureate degree from an appropriately accredited institution
  • An overall undergraduate grade-point average of 2.75 (or 3.0 for last half of undergraduate study). If the applicant does not meet this criteria, admission to graduate standing can be considered after a student has taken a limited number of courses as a Graduate Special
  • Additionally, the student must be approved by the Justice Management Admission Committee
  • Scores of standardized tests such as the GRE are not required for application to the Master of Justice Management program
  • All materials should be submitted through the Graduation School application process

Directions on how to apply

  1. Begin by applying to the Graduate School.
  2. You can work on your application, save it, make revisions later if you wish and then submit electronically. You must submit that application and payment of application fees ($60 for domestic students and $95 for international students) electronically.
  3. Toward the end of the application you will upload a personal statement document (not exceeding 500 words in length) indicating why you desire to enroll in this program, what you expect to derive from the experience and what contributions to the justice system you expect to make as a result of participating in the Justice Management Program. You are highly encouraged to spend the time and prepare your personal statement before starting the application.
  4. After your application is complete, request one official transcript from the registrar's office at every post-secondary school you've attended (community college, university, etc.). Official transcripts are those sent directly from the institution attended: personal copies or "issued to student" are not acceptable even if they are in sealed envelopes.
  5. The application process includes two letters of recommendation. Names of the recommenders will be included in the application. The recommenders will need to write and submit the letters of recommendation.

Request transcripts to be sent to:

University of Nevada, Reno
Graduate School
Mail Stop 326
Reno, NV

All students must comply with the University's immunization requirements prior to registering for courses:

  • Two doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). If you were born before 1957, you are exempt from the MMR requirement.
  • An immunization within the last 10 years for Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td/Tdap).
  • An exemption is possible. Fill out the Distance Education Immunization Exemption Request and follow the instructions for processing the form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Heather Lee at (775) 682-7982.