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Benjamin Birkinbine

Assistant Professor of Media Studies He, him, his


Benjamin Birkinbine is an assistant professor of media studies in the Reynolds School of Journalism and the Center for Advanced Media Studies. He is also a faculty affiliate of the Cybersecurity Center.

Birkinbine comes to the Reynolds School from the University of Oregon where he earned his doctorate degree from the School of Journalism and Communication.

His research is rooted in the political economy of communication, with a specific focus on free and open-source software and the digital commons. Recently, he has been applying network analysis techniques to the study of concentration in media industries.

He is the co-editor of Global Media Giants (Routledge, 2017), and his research has been published in the International Journal of CommunicationThe Political Economy of Communication, and the Journal of Peer Production.

In the Reynolds School, he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. At the undergraduate level, he teaches introductory courses to communication and media, First Amendment and Society, and Media Economics among others. At the graduate level, he teaches a seminar on The Future of Journalism.


  • Ph.D. in Media Studies, University of Oregon
  • M.A. in Media Theory & Research, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
  • B.A. in Communication, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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