Allowing Java - Firefox

By default, Firefox blocks Java from running. Therefore, anytime Java is updated, you will need to manually allow Firefox to run the applications.

You should only allow Java applications to run from trusted sites. Any University-supported Java applications should be considered trustworthy.

These instructions apply to both Mac and Windows computers.

When accessing a site trying to run Java, you will see a large message on the website telling you that the Java has been blocked.Java Blocked

To the left of the website address will be a small red building block icon. Click on the icon to reveal a menu.Red Building Block

For each blocked Java component, click on the right-hand option and select Allow and Remember. Once completed, click on OK.Allow and Remember

Finally, you will asked if you want to run the specific application. As long as you trust the site, check the box next to Always trust content... and click on Run.Run the Application