Allowing Java - Chrome

The University of Nevada, Reno IT department does not officially support Google Chrome. However, some websites (such as Nolij and WebCampus) do support the web browser. Therefore these instructions are provided. The IT department recommends you access your Java applications with a different browser.

What About Macs?

Although it is possible to run Chrome on a Mac, the only supported version of Java that can work with Chrome is very old and vulnerable to security exploits. Therefore, we do not recommend Mac users access Java applications using Chrome.

When accessing a site that wants to run Java, a warning message will appear at the top of the website. Click on Run this time.Run This TimeIf your version of Java is out-of-date (which is often the case on a University-owned computer), then a security warning will appear. Check the boxes for I accept the risk and Do not show this again and then click on Run.Security Warning

Finally, you will asked if you want to run the specific application. As long as you trust the site, check the box next to Always trust content... and click on Run.Run the Application