Screenshot: PC

There are two methods for taking a screenshot on a Windows PC.

Snipping Tool

This method will work on Windows Vista and newer versions. If you have an older operating system (such as Windows XP), then please follow the "Print Screen" instructions below.

  1. Launch the Snipping Tool from the start menu.Start Menu - Snipping Tool
  2. When the Snipping Tool loads, the screen will go white and your mouse will change to a cross-hair.Snipping Tool
  3. Click and drag a box around the area of the screen you want to capture.Drag a Selection
  4. The captured area will appear in the Snipping Tool window. You can save the image from the File menu.Save Image
  5. Attach the saved image to an e-mail, and send it to IT Support.

Print Screen

This method works on all versions of Windows, including Windows XP. It is assumed that your computer keyboard has been designed for a Windows computer.

  1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This will copy an image of your entire desktop to your computer's clipboard (it does not capture your mouse).Print Screen button
  2. Open up Microsoft Paint and paste the image (from the Edit menu).Paste Image into Paint
  3. You may want to use the tools in Paint to select specific areas, or crop out others.
  4. Save the image to your computer. Attach the saved image to an e-mail, and send to IT Support.