MAC Address: Mac

  1. From desktop, click on the apple icon in the top-left corner, and select About this Mac.About this Mac
  2. A small window will appear, click on More Info...More Info button
  3. A slightly larger window will appear, with a picture of your Mac. Click on the System Report button.System Report button
  4. About half-way down the list on the left, click on Network.Network Option
  5. From the blue and white striped pane at the top, click on the method of connection for which you would like the MAC address. This will either be Ethernet or Wi-Fi.Active Services
  6. Many details will appear in the bottom pane. Look for the heading labeled Ethernet (it's the same heading name even if you selected "Wi-Fi") near the bottom. The MAC Address is listed underneath that heading. In this example, the MAC address is 00:22:41:24:3b:41.MAC Address detail