IronKey - Setup

  1. Plug in the device and run the IronKey Unlocker, IronKey.exe. You can click it in the AutoPlay dialog,AutoPlayor by double clicking the drive icon in Windows Explorer.Windows Explorer
  2. After launching the IronKey unlocker, it will take a moment to establish a secure channel to the device.Establishing Secure Channel
  3. Enter the activation code from your activation email, choose a language, and accept the EULA.Enter Activation Code
  4. Create a password for the device. This is not the same as your NetID password, and will have to be reset yearly.Create A Password
  5. Check your email; you should receive a new account setup email from Imation Support (the makers of IronKey).An Email has been sent
  6. Follow the link in the email. This will take you to the IronKey website where you will set up your secret question which is used for password recovery.Email from Imation
  7. Set up a secret question and answer and click OK.Set Up Secret Question
  8. Return to the device setup window and click OK and then Continue.
  9. The device will be configured to use your new password the IronKey will be formatted.IronKey Formatting
  10. Once setup is complete you are taken to the Iron Key control panel. Click the folder icon to access the file space.Folder Icon
  11. The next time you plug in the IronKey and run the Iron Key Unlocker (IronKey.exe), it will prompt you to unlock it with the password you just set.Enter Password
  12. To access the device from within a PowerDesk in the School of Medicine's Secure Cloud: unlock your IronKey, then simply navigate to the "Computer" window from inside the PowerDesk and click the "Removable Disk" that contains your files. Drive letters may vary.Med Cloud Drives