IronKey USB Drives

IronKeyIt is vitally important that secure and classified data is never accessed by unauthorized people. Even a minor data breach can result in severe fines, audits, and job insecurity. Therefore, the University has worked hard to ensure that products and services are available to those who need advanced security to protect their data.

An IronKey drive is a USB storage device designed to keep files secure as possible while in transit. Through encryption technology, and remote access tools that can wipe the drive if necessary, the IronKey USB drives are the only HIPAA compliant electronic storage devices permitted to store Protected Health Information outside of the School of Medicine's "Secure Cloud" environment.

Due to the limited number of people that should have a need to transfer data on such a USB device, the IronKeys are issued sparingly. However, if you believe that you have a need for one, please contact IT Support.

Setting Up Your IronKey

Instructions for securing your IronKey for the first time

Lost your IronKey?

You must immediately report your USB device missing.