Information Security Training

Information Security Training is necessary to ensure that every University employee has the same understanding of what information security is and how each piece of information should be handled.

It is imperative that we protect and secure the University's information. This is not a task that can be accomplished by any one person, because of this, it is essential that we have your assistance and support. 

Sign up for training:

      1. Visit the Information Security Learning Management System (LMS)
      2. You will be prompted to log-in using your NetID and Password 
      3.  An account will be created for you on the LMS when you log-in with your NetID
      4. To sign up for a course click on the CATALOG tab on the top right hand corner.

        Navigation bar: Home, My courses, Transcripts, and Catalog. The catalog option is surrounded by a rectangle

      5. Once on the catalog page, click the Enroll & Launch button for the course you would like to take.

        Course Name in blue at the top. Name of Course: P-101: Privacy and Data Protection. Two options below course name: Enroll & Launch or View Details. Enroll and Launch has a red arrow pointing to it.

Courses Available: 

      • P-101: Privacy and Data Protection:

This course will help employees understand what information is private, why it is private, and what they can do to protect it throughout the data life cycle.

      • PCI-101: PCI Essentials for Account Data Handlers and Supervisors:

This course teaches employees and supervisors what Payment Card Industry (PCI) is, how it affects your organization and the best practices they should follow to protect cardholder data and detect and prevent fraud. 

      • S-123: Baseline Information Security Training for IT Professionals:

This course is designed to provide fundamental information security knowledge for IT professionals in every organization. This course covers advanced topics such as common forms of attacks, network security fundamentals, cryptography, and many more.

      • S-141: Security Awareness Fundamentals:

This security awareness training course covers key security best practices end users should follow so they can prevent, detect, and respond to information security threats. It is designed to cover all of the essential topics such as password management, identity theft, malware, social engineering, phishing, physical security, travel safety, mobile data, privacy and acceptable use.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I access my account?
To access your training account, please visit the Information Security Learning Management System (LMS)

How do I sign up my employees for mandatory training?
If you are a supervisor and would like to assign mandatory training for your employees, please send an email to with the employees' name, email, and course(s) you would like them to take.

How do I know if I have been assigned mandatory training?
If you have been assigned mandatory training, you will receive an email from with your log-in credentials and the course(s) that you have been assigned.

Do I have to take Payment Card Industry (PCI) training? If so, how often?
Individuals who are handling credit cards or credit card information must take PCI training once a year.

For general questions, please contact

Technical Questions

My course says it launched in a new window, but I can't see it:
Please be sure you have disabled all pop-up blockers in your browser. Often, toolbars also contain a pop-up blocker, such as Google toolbar, this is separate from the browser pop-up blocker.

I can't proceed past a certain slide:
Please upgrade to the latest version of Flash player if possible. You may also try clearing your Flash player cache and clearing your browser cache. Exiting and re-launching the course may also allow you to proceed. If possible, try a different browser to ensure that the issue is not browser specific. Please ensure that all inter-activities on the slide have been completed if you cannot advance.

I am receiving a "404: Not Found" error at course launch:
This error can be caused by browser zoom being enabled in a user's browser. Please ensure that the zoom level is set to 100% before launching the course.

For technical questions, please contact the OIT Support Center at (775) 682-5000.