Research Resources

The University OIT department is working hard to provide the resources necessary for you to complete research projects. By providing server space, super computing power, and the support level that you need, we hope to provide you with the high performance and processing power you need to complete your academic research.

For additional resources, visit the Research and Innovation website. 


Resources for Research Computing


Online collaboration system from Microsoft.

Software Licensing

Utilizing our license servers and software purchasing agreements.


Unlimited cloud storage for all University employees.


Virtual, on-demand server operating system environments for members of the University.

Server Hardware Storage

Physical storage available for academic servers.

Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan

Our plan to achieve and maintain a robust cyberinfrastructure environment.

Large IT Projects

Assistance with large OIT projects can be requested here.

For any other assistance with your research and academic pursuits, please don't hesitate to contact OIT Support.