Kyocera Copystar: Scan to USB

Using the USB port on the side of the Kyocera's console, it's possible to scan a document as PDF and immediately save it to a USB thumb drive.

  1. Log into the Kyocera CopyStar.
  2. Place the document you wish to scan on the glass, or in the document feeder at the top of the machine.
  3. Locate the USB port on the right-side of the console.Kyocera USB Port
  4. Plug in your USB thumb drive.Kyocera USB Port with Drive
  5. A message will appear on the screen indicating that it has recognized your "Removable Memory" (a slightly obscure way of referring to your thumb drive). Press on Yes.Removable Memory was recognized
  6. The screen will show the folder structure on your USB device. After navigating to the folder you want to save the document to, press on the Store File button.Store File Button
  7. You can then change the settings for the scan. The default settings are usually best for most scans.Scan Settings
  8. On the console, press the green Start button.Start ButtonThe document will then be scanned and saved to your USB device with a filename similar to doc123456789.pdf.