Kyocera Copystar: Scan to Email

The Kyocera CopyStar copiers have the ability to scan a document and email it as a PDF to any destination.

  1. Log into the Kyocera CopyStar.
  2. Press the Use Copier Functions button.Use Copier Functions
  3. Place your document on the glass, or in the document feeder at the top of the machine.
  4. On the console, press the Send button.Send Button
  5. On the right side of the screen, you have the option to type in the email address manually, or to select the recipient from the Address Book.Recipient Selector

    Type in the Email Address Manually

    1. On the screen, from the menu on the right, select E-mail Addr Entry.
    2. In the screen that appears, press the E-mail Address button to the left of the text box.Email Address Entry Screen
    3. Type in the email address using the on-screen keyboard, then press OK.On Screen Keyboard

    Select Email from Address Book

    After pressing the red Address Book button on the right of the screen, you can select as many recipients as you need by pressing on the square next to each of their names.Select from Address Book

    Once you have selected all the recipients, press on the OK button.

  6. On the console, press the green Start button.Start Button
  7. The screen will let you know that the Kyocera CopyStar is scanning your document.Scanning Originals Screen
  8. The process has completed when the screen says Ready to send.Ready to Send Screen
It can take several mintues for the copier to send the document to the recipient, depending upon the document size and number of users.