Kyocera Copystar: Print

Probably the most common usage of the Kyocera CopyStar printers is to use them as a regular printer. Although the process is not as straightforward as for other types of printer, the process for printing to these devices is still fairly simple:

  • Select the CopyStar printer
  • Confirm the department the print job should be billed to via the PaperCut client
  • Log into the Kyocera copier
  • Release the print job

The following instructions are based on Windows, because the majority of users use that operating system. The process for Mac users is so similar that these instructions can also be followed for that operating system (any differences are pointed out in the instructions).

Printing to the Kyocera CopyStar

    1. Prepare your document for printing as you would for any other printer.
    2. After clicking on Print make sure that the Copystar printer is selected - this may not be your default printer.Select the CopyStar Printer


  1. Kyocera printers on Windows computers default to printing in black and white. To obtain color prints click on Printer Properties and select Full Color from the option on the bottom-right of the Basic tab. Click OK.Printer Properties


    It's necessary to install two separate printer drivers for color and grayscale print jobs from a Mac. Therefore, which printer you choose will determine whether the output is in color or in black and white.

  2. After confirming your print options, click Print in the application.
  3. The PaperCut Print Job Notification window will popup. If you have different accounts, select the appropriate one by using the dropdown box labeled Account. You must click Print again to confirm your print job and the account it is to be charged to.PaperCut Application
    Please note: If you press Cancel at this stage you will still get a notice that your job has been successfully sent to the printer. This is not true, and is just a quirk of the PaperCut application. Your print job will not be available on the copier, and your department will not get charged.
  4. After pressing Print, you may receive a message in the bottom-right of your screen. This message can be ignored - it is just telling you that you must now log into the Kyocera machine to release your print job (the "web interface" part of this message is misleading).Attention Message - can be ignored
    Your print job will remain in the queue for one hour. If the job is not released before that time, it will be automatically deleted.
  5. Log into the Kyocera CopyStar.
  6. Locate your print job from the list on the left side of the screen.Select Job from Printer
  7. Highlight the document you wish to print by touching the name on the screen with your fingertip.  A print menu will appear on the right side of the screen.Print the job
  8. Press the Print button on the screen with your fingertip to complete the process.
  9. The document will be queued and printed. The output hopper is on the left side of most machines. Billing accounts are charged when the document is actually printed.
You do not need to use your department's Kyocera CopyStar if you are heading to another area. You can log into any Kyocera and access your queued print jobs. If you find that you have issues printing, please have a look at the Maintenance section for technical support information.