Kyocera Copystar: Fax

Some Kyocera CopyStar machines have been enabled to also work as a fax machine. If you are unsure whether your departments CopyStar is able to send faxes, please contact your departmental administrative assistant.

Instructions for Sending a Fax

  1. Login to the PaperCut interface on the Kyocera Printer.
  2. Press the User Copier Functions button on the screen with your finger.Use Copier Functions
  3. Press the FAX button on the console.Fax button on console
  4. Place the document on the glass (note the positioning guide to the upper left corner) or in the document feeder on the top of the machine.
  5. Enter the destination of the fax:

    Manual Entry of Fax Number

    Press the Fax No. Entry button on the right side of the screen.  Use the numeric keys on the console to enter the 10-digit Fax number.  Press OK.

    Fax Number from Address Book

    Press the Address Book on the right side of the screen. Using your fingertip, press the checkbox to select the desired destination.

    You may choose multiple destinations by repeating the step above.
  6. To send the Fax, press the green Start key on the console.