Kyocera Copystar: Copying

  1. Login to the PaperCut interface on a Kyocera Printer.
  2. Place the document you wish to scan on the glass, or in the document feeder at the top of the machine.
  3. By default, selecting the Use Copier Functions button will activate the Copy button on the console but check that the Copy button on the console is lit.Copy Button Lit on Console
  4. Enter the number of copies with the numeric keys.
  5. Some machines on campus have color capabilities.  The control panel will have three more buttons to manage the Copy Model as shown below.  Press the button to select the desired output type.Color Control Buttons
  6. The Quick Setup screen with general processing options for copy functionality is displayed. Choose the options by pressing on the Paper Selection, Zoom, Density, Duplex, Combine or Staple/Punch button and make changes in the submenus.Copy Menu
  7. Confirm all selections before proceeding. Press the green Start button on the console to begin copying.Start Button