Kyocera Copystar: Maintenance

As you use your Kyocera CopyStar more and more, it may be necessary to perform maintenance to keep it going. This can include replacing supplies and receiving technical support.

Ray Morgan Tech Support Label

An example of the technical support label on the front of every Kyocera copier at the University.

Ordering Supplies


When your copier starts to warn you that the toner is running low, please call Ray Morgan Company at (866) 754-7677, or email them at You will need to know the device number - this is found on a sticker on the front of your copier.

There is no charge for replacement toner - this is covered by the per-job printing charge.

After the replacement toner has been delivered, the used toner cartridge will be picked up by Wolf Pack recycling.


Departments are responsible for ordering their own paper for the Kyocera copiers. All of the contracted office suppliers have 30% recycled 8.5" x 11" paper on contract.

Address Book

To add or remove people from your copier's Address Book, please email the Copy Program Administrators with details of the people to be added/ removed, device number and location of the Kyocera copier.

Software Issues

If you are experiencing problems with the printer driver, PaperCut application, or you are having problems with stuck print jobs, print jobs not appearing, or any other issue that appears to be software related, please contact IT Support.

Hardware Issues

If you believe that the problem lies with the copier itself (such as a physically broken part or broken operation) then please contact Ray Morgan company using the contact details listed on the sticker found on the front of all Kyocera CopyStar printers at the University.

Please ensure that you have the device number (printed on the support sticker) so that the support you receive can be as efficient as possible.

If you are in any doubt about who to contact for an issue you are experiencing, please contact IT Support.