Kyocera Copystar PaperCut: Mac

Even with the driver installed, it's necessary to also install the PaperCut application. This software sits between the printer driver, and the Kyocera machine, to ensure that the correct department gets billed for the print job. Without this software installed, you will be unable to print to the Kyocera Copystar Printers.

  1. From within Finder (the main desktop) click on Go and choose Connect to Server...Connect to Server
  2. Enter the server address smb:// and click Connect. If you are asked for a username and password, enter your fully-qualified NetID as UNR\NetID and your NetID password.Server Address
  3. From within the Mac folder, double-click on the client-local-install icon to start the installation. Click Yes when asked to install the program into the Applications folder.client-local-install
  4. During the install, you may be asked to install a Java runtime. Click Install.Java Runtime Install
  5. When completed, you will have a new piece of software in your Applications folder called PCClient. Double-click on the program to launch.  Use your UNR NetID (in the form UNR\NetID) and password to authenticate. Check the Remember my identity box so that you will not have to authenticate for each print job.PaperCut Login
  6. The final step is to configure PaperCut to launch automatically when your Mac starts up.  Open System Preferences and choose Users & Groups (Lion) or Accounts (Snow Leopard and below). Ensure that your login account is selected in the My Account menu on the left.
  7. From the right-hand side of the screen, click on Login Items and click on the + at the bottom of the list.Login Items
  8. Select PCClient from the Applications folder, and click Add.Select PCClient
  9. Check that PaperCut will auto-start by logging out of your computer, and then logging back in. A small green box should appear on the dock with the PaperCut logo clearly displayed.

With an access code, and PaperCut and the printer driver successfully installed, you can now utilize all the features of the Kyocera CopyStar printers.