Kyocera Copystar Copiers

Kyocera Copier

The Kyocera Copystar ("Loki") copiers are jointly managed by the IT department, the Central Services department, and technical support from Ray Morgan Company. These devices offer printing, scanning, and copying facilities via specialized management software on your computer and a 6-digit PIN.

You MUST have an active UNR NetID before proceeding with these instructions.  Permission to install the printers and software is contingent on NetID status.

The Kyocera Copiers/ Printers require three things in order to print:

  • A 6-digit PIN
  • The "Copystar on Loki" printer driver
  • Papercut (a print-management application)

Please look at the maintenance section for information on ordering replacement toner and paper for these devices.


Information on how to obtain a 6-digit PIN.


Instructions for installing the print driver and PaperCut application.


How to print, scan, and copy on the Kyocera Copystar copiers.


Information on ordering supplies and how to get technical support for the Kyocera copiers.