Printing & Copying

There are hundreds of printers on campus. Knowing how to connect to them, and use them, can be very useful for your day-to-day work and studying.

In particular, how to connect to the networked printers on the Print Server, how to use the Kyocera CopyStar copiers, and how to print wirelessly in the Knowledge Center, are the three main ways of printing documents on-campus.

The University OIT department also has dedicated printer technicians that can assist if you need any technical support. Contact IT Support for more details.

Network Printer

Networked Printers

Most departments have a printer connected to the Print Server, allowing multiple people to print to the same device. This section contains information on accessing these devices.

Kyocer CopyStar

Kyocera CopyStar

The multi-function copiers are located in most departments. Information on accessing, printing, scanning, and the other functions for these devices is found in this section.

Wireless Printing

Library Printing

Students, faculty, and staff, can print to the Knowledge Center printers via the eduroam wireless network