ResHall: Network Troubleshooting

If you are unable to connect to the ResHall Network to register your computer, or you have already registered and are experiencing connectivity problems, below are some common problems and some suggestions to solve them.  The suggestions include checking your network interface card and patch cable, running a full-system anti-virus scan, and uninstalling newly installed software.

For further help with network connectivity problems, contact IT Support

Problem: Unable to connect to network

  • Check that your Network Interface (Ethernet) Cardis installed properly and working.
    • Windows Users: Check the Device Manager to ensure there are no conflicts (yellow exclamation mark) or non-working (red "X") Network adapters
    • Mac Users: Check the System Profile under "Network" and verify that your network adapters are listed and are configured properly.
  • Make sure the network patch cable meets requirements and is connected properly.
    • Patch cables should be no longer than 25 feet, and be marked at Category 5 (Cat5), Cat5e, or Cat6.
    • The cable should snap into place at both ends with an audible click, but should not require excessive force to insert it into the jack.
  • Check the status lights on your Ethernet connection.
    • Refer to the manual for your computer or Ethernet card, as each manufacturer's card may use different colored lights or different signals (blinking, steady, etc.) to indicate operation.
    • Check for a "link status" light to indicate whether your computer has successfully established a link with the network.
  • Make sure your network settings are configured properly:

Problem: Computer hangs/ freezes when trying to access the internet

  • Run a full-system antivirus scan, as well as a full-system spyware/adware scan.
  • If you have recently installed or upgraded software, try uninstalling the new software. Often times software conflicts can cause unexpected freezes or crashes.

Problem: I've already registered, but I keep on seeing the registration screen