ResHall Configuration: Windows 7

Do not plug your network cable into the wall port until these instructions indicate to do so.  Before you connect to the internet, it is advisable to ensure that your network settings are correct.  This guide shows you how to check your network settings.  These instructions apply to Windows Vista as well. 

  1. LAPTOPS ONLY: Turn off or disable your wireless reception to the machine.
    • Most newer laptops have a physical switch to turn your wireless off or on. The switch is usually located near the front edge of the laptop.
    • Some laptops may also have a keyboard switch. Consult your manufacturer's manual.
    • You can also disable and enable wireless from your Windows 7 operating system. Click on the Start button, Select Control Panel. Then click on Network and Sharing Center, then Manage wireless connections. Right-click on the wireless connection, and then either select disable or enable
  2. Plug the network patch cable (CAT5, etc) into the wall data jack and your computer.
    • DO NOT use a wireless router
    • DO NOT use a switch
    • DO NOT use a hub
  3. To configure your computer network settings for a DHCP connection - Click on Start button, Select Control Panel from the right side panel.
  4. In the Control Panel window, click on Network and Internet.Control Panel Screen
  5. On the Network screen, click the Network and Sharing Center link at the top left of the window.Select Network and Sharing Center
  6. On the Network and Sharing Center screen, click on Change adapter settings (Vista users should click on Manage Network Connections).Change Adapter Settings
  7. On the Network Connections screen, double-click the Local Area Connection icon.
  8. On the Local Area Connection Status screen, click on the Properties button. LAN Status
  9. On the Local Area Connection Properties screen, it is recommended that you uncheck the File and Printer Sharing... setting (to enhance the security of your machine as part of the network). Click once on the Internet Protocol Version 4 selection to highlight that service and click the Properties button.LAN Properties
  10. Select the following radio buttons: Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Click the OK button.IPv4 Properties
  11. Click OK on all remaining screens and close out other screens without an OK button.

You are now configured for accessing the Residence Hall Network. You should be able to register your computer.