ResHall Registration: Other Devices

If you wish to connect your game system or other device to the Residence Hall internet, you must register the system on the Registration site.  You also need to know the MAC address of your system.  Go to the registration site, select your device type, input your NetID, password, and MAC address, and click Register.

To ensure successful registration, leave your device plugged into the internet for 5-10 minutes before attempting to register it.

Activate NetID

To register a game device on the Residence Hall Network, you need an active NetID.

Identify MAC Address

Registration requires knowledge of your game system's MAC address (unique identifying address for the device).  The MAC address is a string of numbers and letters, with 12 characters, with each pair of characters separated by a colon.

Example:  00:A0:C9:14:C8:29

For most game systems, the MAC address can be found under System SettingsSystem, or Network Settings.

For help identifying your system's MAC address, contact IT Support.

Leave System Plugged Into the Network for 5-10 Minutes

To ensure successful registration of your system, leave your system plugged into the internet (with an ethernet cable) for at least 5-10 minutes before attempting registration.  If you attempt to register your system immediately after plugging it in to the internet, registration may not work.  

Register Game System

You register your game system on the Registration site.  Input your NetID and Password, the MAC address of your system, Device Type, and click Register.  Once completed, there may be a few minute wait before your device will have a stable network connection.