Remote Services

Remote Services allows all currently active students, faculty and staff to access specific software titles or computing resources from anywhere in the world. This is achieved either by connecting to a website, or via a Remote Desktop connection.

Different profiles within Remote Services allows different people to have access to different resources.

Connecting to Remote Services

Occasional Connections or for those without Administrative Rights

Windows Only

If you plan to only connect to Remote Services occasionally, or if you don't have administrative rights to the computer, then follow these instructions.

Frequent Connections with Administrative Rights

Windows and Mac

Follow this approach if you are going to connect multiple times and you have administrative rights to your computer.

Remote Services Profiles

Depending upon your membership of the University, you may have access to different software titles and computing resources within Remote Services.


All members of this University have access to the software titles found in the DataWorks labs. This system was formerly known as "DataWorks Citrix".

Remote Desktop

Employees who have requested permission can access a full University computer instance containing common software titles.


Members of the Engineering departments may remotely access common engineering software titles and packages.