Direct Remote Access: PC

Please complete "Step One" for direct remote access before following these instruction for your home computer.

Once your office PC has been configured, these instruction will help you to connect from your home PC.

Launch the Remote Desktop Client

  1. From the start menu search for "Remote Desktop Connection" and launch the app of the same name.
    • This application is installed by default on all Windows machines.

Configure the Client

  1. On the General (first) tab, enter the following information:General Tab
    • Computer: The IP Address of your Office Computer.
    • User name: unr\[NetID] e.g. unr\jsmith
  2. Click on the Advanced tab and then on the Settings... button under "Connect from Anywhere"Advanced Tab
  3. Enter the following connection settings:Gateway Settings
    • Select Use these RD Gateway server settings
    • Server Name:
    • Logon Method: Select "Ask for password (NTLM)
    • Check Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses
    • Check Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer
  4. Back in the General tab, click on Save As... to save an RDP file that will remember these settings in the future.
    • To access your computer in the future, just double-click on this file.
  5. Click the Connect button to access your remote computer.