Direct Remote Access: Mac

Please complete "Step One" for direct remote access before following these instruction for your home computer.

Once your office PC has been configured, these instructions will help you connect from your home Mac.

Get the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client

  1. Go to to download and install the application. Your computer will inform you if this application is already installed.

Set The Gateway

  1. Open the Remote Desktop Application and click the Preferences button.Remote Desktop Top Bar
  2. Under the Gateway section, enter in the following information:Gateway Information
    • Gateway Name: UNR Secure Gateway
    • Server:
    • User name: unr\[netid] e.g. unr\jsmith
    • Password: Your NetID Password
  3. Close the preferences window.

Create a Remote Desktop Connection

  1. Click on the New button.Remote Desktop Top Bar
  2. Enter in your office computer's information:Remote Computer Information
    • Connection name: What you call your office computer
    • PC name: The IP Address of your Office Computer
    • Gateway: Select "UNR Secure Gateway"
    • User name: unr\[NetID] e.g. unr\jsmith
    • Password: Your NetID password
    • Other settings are to your preference.
  3. Click on the Red Close Button
  4. Double-click on your machine name in the application window to test the connection.
    • Average first time connection take approximately 15-20 seconds.
    • Average subsequent connection take approximately 10-15 seconds.