Direct Remote Access to Office Computer

This process will allow a direct connection to a Windows office computer via your home Mac or PC. By configuring your office computer’s settings, and then your home computer’s connection application, you will be able to access the software and utilize the settings that are familiar to you.

This process will only work for remotely connecting to a Windows PC. It is not possible to remotely connect to a Mac via this method.

Step One: Cementing Access Pathway

  1. Your Windows office computer should have a static or DHCP reserved IP address. If you are uncertain, please contact IT Support.
  2. Check the power settings on your PC to ensure that the workstation does not go to sleep. Doing so will ensure that you can connect at any time of the day.
    • From the start menu, search for Power Options to make the change.
    • You need administrative privileges on your computer to be able to make this change. Contact IT Support if you do not have such rights, for a technician to make the change for you.
  3. Obtain the IP and domain of your computer.
  4. Contact IT Support with the IP and domain information you gathered in step 3 to add your office workstation as an allowed Secure Gateway connection.

Step Two: Configure Your Home Computer

Once "Step One" has been completed, your home Mac and PC will be able to connect to your office computer. Select your operating system below to view relevant connection instructions.