A RACF  (Resource Access Control Facility) ID is a secure login used to access protected databases such as:

A RACF ID is usually made up of 6 letters, including the user's initials, and a number. For example, Joan Anne Smith may receive the RACF ID RAFJAS1.

Applying for a RACF ID

The ability to obtain a RACF ID is dependent upon your job description. The appropriate security application must be completed and sent to the Security Administrator for approval and creation.

Once the application has been submitted, it can take up to two weeks for the account to be approved and created.

Why didn't my student data or financial security application print properly?

When printing your security application, please click on the Print button on the webpage, and do not click File - Print from your web browser.

Accessing RACF Resources

Instructions for connecting to various resources that require a RACF ID

RACF Password Reset

The RACF Password expires every 60 days. This information will tell you how to reset it.