NetID Troubleshooting

Questions to ask when you can't log in

Is my NetID password over a year old?

This is the most common reason that people are unable to log into a system. For security reasons, a NetID password will expire on its one year anniversary. Unfortunately, systems such as MyNEVADA and WebCampus are unable to inform you that a password has expired - instead they will just mention that you are using the incorrect username or password. Only a computer on campus, attached to the University network, will be able to warn you that you password is going to expire or tell you that your password has already expired.

Resetting your password to something new will fix this issue immediately.

Can you log into a different system with the same username and password?

If you are having trouble logging into a system like WebCampus, try using the same username and password to log into a different system such as the NetID Management System's Self-Help page or the Knowledge Center's Account page. If you are able to log into other systems without issue, then you know the problem is not with your NetID. However, if you are unable to log into any system, then there is a problem with your NetID. Continue to read this article, or learn about resetting your password.

Are you using the correct username?

Although most systems on campus use the NetID as their username, some systems use different credentials. For example, students should log into MyNEVADA with their NSHE ID, and NSHE's HRMS uses a RACF ID for authentication.

If you believe you have forgotten your NetID username, please call the IT Help Desk at (775) 682-5000 for assistance. For security reasons, we are unable to help via email as it is considered an unsecure form of communication.

Have you entered in your password incorrectly too many times?

Entering in your NetID password wrongly 5 times in a row will lock your account for 15 minutes. This is to prevent a hacker from accessing your account via a brute force method. Most systems will be unable to inform you if your account has been locked out - instead they will mention that you are entering in an incorrect password. However, a computer on campus, attached to the UNR network, will display the following message when you try to log in:

The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged into.

If you have recently changed your password, there may still be a device, such as a cell phone or laptop, still attempting to access network resources with the old password. We advise switching off all devices that may connect to the network, and waiting 15 minutes before trying again. Once you have successfully changed your password, remember to change the stored password on all devices that access network resources before you switch them on, otherwise you may lock yourself out again.

IT Support is unable to unlock an account before the 15 minute lockout period. However, please see the information on resetting your password if you believe you have forgotten it.